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Founded in 1932 by bespoke furniture maker Maurice, the Villency brand name built a proud legacy of influential design work and superior craftsmanship. Today, VDG is a multifaceted organization with state-of-the-art industrial design capabilities and deep global manufacturing assets supported by a robust logistical infrastructure. VDG provides our clients with a simple turn-key solution for even the most complex product development projects. Many of today’s leading brands turn to VDG to design and create products across a wide array of fields, including fashion, beauty, fitness, hospitality, wellness, industrial design and consumer products.

We collaborate with clients, helping them envision not just new products, but truly creative one-of-a-kind solutions. If you can imagine it, VDG can create it. VDG specializes in design-driven product innovation for both boutique and mass production. Leveraging our extensive industry experience and utilizing manufacturing and logistics teams in America, Europe, and Asia, VDG mangages the entire supply chain in to create the best quality and value for our clients. We only collaborate with factories that meet our stringent requirements for safety, quality, social and environmental compliance, and supply-chain security. No matter the project, we marry the best design, production and fulfillment solutions to achieve the optimal outcomes for clients. In short, we deliver—with style.
@250 wall mural Villency Design Group x Wook Kim